On Social Media

Here are the places you can find me on social media, if for some reason you don’t actually want to subscribe to my blog. (But seriously. It makes this blog work better if you subscribe.)

  • You can follow the blog on Facebook here. Someday I’ll get a real Facebook username when I figure out why they’re not letting me have one.
  • You can find me on Twitter at @kimerrikin. I don’t always tweet awesome things.
  • You can find me on Instagram at @kimerrikin. At the very least, you get pictures of the PNW.
  • You can find me on Pinterest (barf) mostly being inactive at @kimerrikin. I flipping hate Pinterest.

Your best bet is to like the page on Facebook or to follow me on Twitter. (But if you want to be SO sure you get my posts, flipping subscribe already.)

I don’t accept random friend requests on Facebook anymore, mmmk? It was getting out of hand. That’s why I added this page.