Why “Shitty Women”?

Of course immediately after starting a blog, I hit a two-week long wall of writer’s block. I have a list of 23 topics to write on in a list on my phone, and I could not write a cohesive paragraph on a single one of them.

I think the winds are changing.

miss congeniality fail scene

This blog was born out of a lifetime of feelings, decades of women’s ministry, and many, many conversations with women on two particular topics:

  1. We feel like failures when at womanhood.
  2. We fucking hate women’s ministry.


If you’re not committed to reading this post to the end, please don’t read past this point. There are 980 words beyond this point. That’s roughly 3.25 minutes of reading for the average adult. 

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This is a blog for shitty women (and other shitty people, too).

I regularly feel like a shitty woman—for a plethora of reasons. I regularly also feel like a shitty person—for a plethora of reasons. I am also saved by the grace of Jesus Christ. This blog will be a place for me to write about real life things, and confront real life lies with Biblical truths. It is my hope that the truths that I’m learning will be helpful to you as well.

I intend to be honest with my experiences, thoughts, and language. (<- that’s my warning that I’m going to use all the words.)

Here are some topics you can anticipate reading about here:

  • Anxiety
  • Feeling like a failure of a woman
  • Being an overweight woman
  • Suffering
  • Introversion
  • Sin

I’ll be writing about these things—and how the gospel is impacting them in my life. And sometimes I’ll probably be writing about how I don’t see the gospel impacting them, because I intend to be honest about the shitty, frustrating, parts of being a Christian (woman), too.